Sichuan Zigong 2? 19 bursts of 18 suspects arrested

Zigong City Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment and other relevant departments also immediately rushed to the scene
June 19, Zigong City Rongxian Public Security Bureau held a press conference, the "2? 19" gathered in the detection of the case was announced. After 81 days of hunt, the case all broke, to identify suspected of arrest, suspected harboring, harboring a total of 19 suspects, arrested 18 people, to take criminal compulsory measures 18 people approved the arrest of seven people. It is reported that on February 19 this year, 21:30 or so, Zigong City Rongxian Changshan town, "local snake" Fan Yu was ten hand holding sticks, machetes more than 10 people gathered in the young people besieged, after being stabbed , Fan down in the pool of blood. Subsequently, the public Yang to the Changshan police station to report on duty police. Received immediately rushed to the scene of the police to see the victim Fan Yuyue sleep on the ground, the ground flow of a pool of blood donation, the police quickly sent to the town of Changan town center health center, after more than 20 minutes of rescue invalid death. The police station quickly reported the case to Rongxian Criminal Investigation Brigade. Rongxian police immediately launched a homicide detection mechanism, the territory of the line, site visits, visit the masses, careful investigation, transfer Skynet video and other detection work in an orderly manner, Zigong City Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Detachment and other relevant departments immediately rushed to the scene, Multi-police co-detection of the case. It is reported that the deceased named Fan Youyu, 46 years old, the town of Changshan, a criminal criminal record, had trouble was sentenced to death, prisoners released after the job, to gather the town of Changshan, to Mu town, Xinjin County and other places more than 10 society Idle staff, in the town of Changshan gambling, drug use, to borrow money to the tea shop and other stores to receive protection fees. Suspects Ou Juncheng, 45 years old, stay good town people, criminal criminal record, had been theft, rape, trouble three times sentenced, and drug trafficking drug trafficking. May 2015 after the release of prisoners, gathered a bunch of "iron buddy" trouble, nothing. They are idle because of their own interests, in countless times the contest, forged a deep grudge. Repeated grievances in the February 19 that day broke out, the two sides of the 11 people in the fight, the murderer Ou Juncheng under the ruthless hand, will be a sharp knife stabbed to more than Yu. Subsequently, through a variety of criminal investigation means hunt, on May 10 this year, the last one suspected of harboring the suspect Li Xuemei was arrested. Lasted 81 days of arrest action, harm one side of the 18 suspects were caught. Among them, there are drug traffickers, there are provocative non-provocative, there are theft of crime, there are bullying the market. Waiting for them will be the legal sanction.

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