6 junior high school students privately driving the car to 4 people were killed by the driver son to take the key

It is not yet possible to verify who is driving the car
South County, Qinghai Province, six junior high school students privately driving a car accident caused four people killed the accident, Qinghai Province, Haiyan County Propaganda Department announced yesterday that the vehicle for the Haiyan County Halle Jingxiang government official car, the daily by the township Government public welfare post driver was a certain driving, the incident that night (around 18:00), only a certain son more than a stolen from the home after the bus key, and the other five students driving to play. December 27, 20:30 Xu, a SUV car to Haiyan County Lake Road 50KM +50 M when suddenly out of the road and a continuous rollover accident, causing four people killed in the car (three men and a woman) , 2 seriously injured (both men). It is understood that due to speeding led to the traffic accident. Because the two seriously injured are still in a coma, for the driving vehicles who can not verify the current driving. After verification and verification, confirmed that the four dead and two injured were Haibei Qilian Mountain secondary school students in the third grade, aged 14 to 16 years old. 2 seriously injured were sent to Haiyan County Hospital emergency diagnosis, due to injury, were sent to the Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital and Qinghai University Hospital for rescue, the current 2 people have been out of danger. After the incident, only certain people have been Haiyan County police investigation. For more than a certain place from the bus out, the Propaganda Department official said, is full of investigation. In this regard, Haiyan County, the relevant departments to reaffirm discipline, and further strict management of the county official car management, and led by the Commission for Discipline Inspection, a careful inspection of the county units of the official car management system to implement the situation. The county was set up on the evening of the incident to deal with the matter to deal with the relevant issues. In the new

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